How Model United Nations Changed My Life

Written by: Nadra Mousa

My first Model United Nations was an extraordinary turning point in my life. However, let me recall a year prior to that. The process of choosing my career path after high school was not as pleasing as I thought. After countless nights of applying to both national and international scholarships, I was lucky enough to receive my acceptance letter from the country of my dreams with a major in International Relations. Unfortunately, I was never lucky enough to actually pursue it. Spanish Language and English Literature was my new upcoming journey for the next four years, but I was still keen on becoming a diplomat, or to say the least “a wannabe diplomat.”

During high school, I used to hear the typical cliches about MUN. Nevertheless, I already mastered the idea of different perspectives.  To be fair enough, I was never financially capable of paying  for one. But now, I am in Freshman year and making money is more accessible. I did it! I paid for it, and while I was taking my very first steps into the conference room, “first-timer!” was the first title I got. Deep inside, I knew that there are even more significant titles written inside all these MUN kits that I wanted to gain. Breathing heavily as the roll call started: “Delegate of Spain?!!” A very strict, almost angry, not in the best mood kind of chair yells these three simple words.
One, two, three… “Present and voting.” I confidently replied.

I thoroughly observed United Nations Delegates in Geneva and New York session rooms and examined their skills. I was, and still am, truly fascinated by their ability to show analytical temperament, their attention to details, their acceptance of  the dangerous side of their path, how they acknowledge numerous ideologies, and most importantly, their negotiating skills. The fact that a student can achieve these skills in three days is priceless!

Fast forward to the real journey of hard work and tireless nights; I obtained many “Best Delegate” and “Best committee” certificates. I have shaped my own professional network which has led to building a solid foundation for my career in both translation and organizational fields. I passionately volunteered in national and international Non-Governmental Organizations like UNICEF, International Youth Ambassador Foundation and Caritas Jordan. Moreover, I have witnessed endless cultures at the biggest World Festival for Youth and Students at Sochi – Russia. I was a Team Leader for Erasmus+ exchange program in Greece. I packed my bags to catch a 25 hours flight to participate in Texas Model United Nations as the Delegate of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Eventually, I was working with real diplomats and learning real diplomatic skills with an exceptional center of International Relations based in the United States of America. I can proudly say that I have a proven record for achieving many SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) inside and outside of Jordan.  I am sure that the best is yet to come!

I am not “A Wannabe Diplomat” anymore. I am an Arab woman who is craving her path professionally to becoming the best version of herself. I want you to be the next best delegate because I know you can.

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