We believe in the potential and success of youth & young adults living in Jordan!

Tareeqak Akafak is a part-time 6-month mentoring/ life coaching program for youth & young adults living in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Created by Jordanian to empower youth and young adults to unveil and fulfill their own potential. Our deep believe is that everyone has the potential to flourish. We use powerful tools as Mentoring, Life Coaching and Outdoor-Adventure Education.

“This was one of the best experiences I had in my life, it was really enlightening to me.”


6-month – 11 modules – 13 Days – 105 hours of learning

The 6-month program consists of 11 modules. Each single module is building up on each other. The aim is that participants obtain employment in all sectors, increase their employability, and that participants improve employment and entrepreneurship through mentoring. The program equips participants with transferable, soft and life skills that are in demand on the job market. The learning curve is steadily increasing and evolves due to the involvement of each single participant. Further we encourage group learning. By that, we give participants the opportunity to build up a supportive environment from the start on.


We provide Relevant Skills for the Job market and Life.

We are building awareness about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The program especially contributes to reach goal 8 Decent work and economic growth.

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Staff underwent training in Germany and  Austria on topics like: Life-Counseling/Coaching, Outdoor-Adventure Education and Theory of Experience Reflection Circle. In addition, Staff is certified by University of Turku, Finland on Outdoor Education.

Tareeqak Akafak a project of International Youth Ambassadors Foundation (IYAF global). Detailed information on 


Project: Participatroy Mural of Hope & Joy – Anjara, Jordan | October’22

“Inspiring, positive, encouraging,…” and image has the power to transform. The participatory mural of hope & joy will become a monument. A Monument that reminds citizens about their agency to create a positive future.

People of Ajloun describe their governorate as “forgotten,” and like the “Bermuda Triangle where no state services are available.” […] Participants noted that opportunities are limited. Further Ajloun is one of the governorates with the least number of activities being offered to youth by CSOs, national and international NGOs, and informal youth groups. Among social challenges for youth in Ajloun are: worry about the future, drug use among youth, fear of not attaining self-realization, unemployment.

Participants of the youth mentoring program Tareeqak Akafak face the challenge and take action. They will express that everyone has the potential to flourish through arts.